Psylesia Crew
The history of collective goes back to the beginning of 2004, when in the club "Krypta" (Gliwice) took place the event, which participated Styropian, Dudi and JetMan in. The same people organized a series of events entitled Trip To Goa in the club "Scena GuGalander" in Katowice. At the turn of 2004/2005 came into being the idea of found the collective, which would organize psytrance parties in Silesia – so arose Psylesia Crew. After the events in the club "Scena GuGalander" followed collaboration with collective Silence!, which at that time organized in the club INQbator (Katowice) events in climates minimal techno. From the end of 2006 Psylesia`s events more and more frequently took place in INQbator, first in a small room, and since mid-2008 in the whole club - a small room was adapted to Chill Out, by collective Ashoka. All the time the aim of Psylesia is promotion the new and old sounds of psychedelic trance. On our events played the forefront of DJs and producers from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. We hope that with the greater interest of our events, we can invite many famous and talented artists.
Styropian   Bubblegum   Marion   Dudi